Healers Who Share Practitioner Seminar, in Colorado. Summer 2018

The Art of Vibrational Healing

Using energy integration to heal and transform

Learn a fun, powerful and easily accessible method of healing that uses energy to transmute illness and disease. During this empowering workshop series you will learn how to develop your intuitive capabilities, tap into your inner guidance and connect to the All That Is.

Within three classes you will be able to:

  • See into the body
  • Learn to use energy kinesiology
  • Recognize and change limiting beliefs that create disease
  • Identify and transmute pathogens, chemicals, toxins and more

This workshop series is perfect for self healing, parents to use with children, healthcare practitioners and energy workers to incorporate into their practice.

Cost: $498

Upcoming classes: TBA

Journey Into The Body

Get ready to take a look at our amazing body systems and the emotions associated with each. Whenever something is out of balance, it is doing so in order to get our attention. Whether it is a simple cough, a broken bone or a disease process in the body – it is asking us to focus and pay attention. This gorgeous physical body of ours has the wonderful capability to FEEL! We feel a whole spectrum of physical sensations and emotions that all provide information to us about where we are in relation to our world.

This course is an in-depth exploration of the major systems of the physical body and the interconnectedness of our emotions. Heal the limiting beliefs and patterns associated with the physical and bring about a greater level of well-being and health.

In this 14 week series you will be able to:

  • Learn the most common limiting beliefs, patterns and programs associated with each body system and how to change them
  • Match vibrational signatures to specific physical ailments
  • Identify the root cause of pain
  • Deepen your understanding and application of energy kinesiology

Cost: $2,800

Prerequisite: The Art of Vibrational Healing

Upcoming classes: TBA