Informed Consent and Liability Release

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  • We work in the vibrational area of the body, also known as the aura (human energy field). From the aura, we can determine the harmony or disharmony of different aspects of the person. An in-depth analysis can be made of the vibration of current pathogens and dis-ease in the body as well as genetic patterns. Energy testing and analysis, combining science, intuition and research is offered as education. We use this method to test which vibrational signatures will improve the vibration of that aspect of the person. The conditions identified as creating disharmony are for the person to learn from and grow with. This is a holistic and deep healing form that addresses the root cause of symptoms so that both the cause and symptom may be transmuted.

    All analysis and energy work employ a technique of spiritual philosophy focused on thought and prayer. I am required by law to remind you that this is not to be considered as a diagnosis of nor a prescription for any illness. The information pertains to vibrational disharmony in the aura, which the medical community neither recognizes as existing, nor as having any corresponding pertinence to the physical body. These vibrational signatures are not a medical opinion nor a substitute for medical care. Please consult a physician for medical advice. It is entirely the choice of the subject how to use this information.

    Giving consent for a session or class – please read the following and sign at the bottom.

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