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Gentle, safe and effective custom designed healing. Discover and heal the root cause of your condition for sustained health and wellness. Sessions may be done in person, on the phone or via Skype.

The Art of Vibrational Healing℠

Learn a fun, powerful and easily accessible method of healing that uses energy to transmute illness and disease. During this empowering workshop series you will learn how to develop your intuitive capabilities, tap into your inner guidance and connect to the All That Is.

Detox Program

Are you tired of cleanses and special detox diets? I have created a 6-week energy program that will support your body in the detoxification of metals, pesticides, toxins, chemicals, food additives, etc...

Journey Into The Body℠

An in-depth exploration of the major systems of the physical body and the interconnectedness of our emotions. Heal the limiting beliefs and patterns associated with the physical and bring about a greater level of well-being and health.
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